Friday, September 19, 2008

Beltronics Pro GX65 Review: New BEL Pro GX65 Radar/GPS Detector

beltronics gx65 professional series detector


Beltronics GX65 Review/(BEL Pro GX65) Preview:

In the continuing evolution of high-end radar detectors offered by Beltronics, GPS capability (from the Escort Passport 9500i and Escort Passport 9500ix) comes to Beltronics in the form of the new Beltronics Pro GX65.

The Beltronics Pro GX65 to be somewhat of a hybrid of both the Escort Passport 9500i (which provided GPS capability and manual-marking of false and other noteworthy locations, like VASCAR speed traps) and the Escort Passport 9500ix (which adds the additional capability of autolearning fixed false locations and being able to alert to red light camera, fixed speed camera and mobile camera locations, by incorporating Cheetah's Trinity database).

Currently available with red LED display model, the Beltronics GX65 to slot in between the retail pricing of $449 of the Escort Passport 9500i (Red) and $499 of the Escort Passport 9500ix (Blue) sporting a suggested retail of $469.

For those of us who have valued the performance of the venerable Beltronics RX65 Pro and Beltronics engineering design, the Beltronics to be a natural evolution of "conventional" (ie; non-Spectre immune) Beltronics windshield-mount radar detectors (in contrast to the Spectre undetectable Beltronics STi Driver)

Having become accustomed the auto-learning feature provided by the new Escort Passport 9500ix and Escort Passport 9500ci remote installed radar detector, this feature, if not fully implemented in the BEL GX65 Pro, will be missed.

When one considers the cost differential of just $30 can put you into an Escort Passport 9500ix which provides auto-learning capability along with a cool blue LED display the "positioning" seems pretty tight, quite frankly (especially when $30 historically separated models simply by the display color—red or blue—albeit in the same model line, and did not bring increased functionality).

Perhaps the positioning of this new radar detector is a precursor to the eventual phasing out of the Escort Passport 9500i which remains in the red display model version (purely speculation on my part, but I believe logical nonetheless).

Fortunately the BEL GX65 can be software updated via a PC USB cable and perhaps additional features will ultimately appear on the Pro GX65 via some future update; my vote is for the inclusion of the auto-learning feature.

At any rate, being a long-time fan of Beltronics radar detectors, I am very pleased to see the continued development of the Beltronics Pro series.

They'll be more to come on this exciting new detector once we have accumulated some significant real real-world miles with it and documented in the following: Beltronics GX65 Review.

In the meantime, join our discussion of the new GPS-enabled Beltronics Pro GX65 and other Beltronics engineered products online.

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Pro GX65 at Buy Radar Detectors

Veil Guy


Anonymous said...

I have not had this detector very long so this is just a first impression.

The first thing I noticed was the lack of false signals. I drove next to a car dealership and into a supermarket parking lot and next to the front door I got one small beep through all those electronic doors.

Then I went to a neighboring town that is full of photo radar including red lights, fixed positions and a portable one.

So far the detector gave me ample warnings identifying all photo radar correctly.

Also I 'marked' on spot as a 'Radar Trap' and it warned me the next time I came to that spot with the distance and direction arrow display.

So far this seems very advanced and very good and has moved my old Vector 900 series I moved to our truck.

I think a mini=USB cable should have been included with the dector. It says to use your digital camera cable but mine will not fit.

I give it a thumbs up.


Anonymous said...

I'd be interested in knowing if the GX65 has improved performance compared to the RX65 in terms of radar detection.

I know the RX65, 9500i, 8500 X50 are all based on the M4 platform, however in the Guys Of Lidar Aug. 2007 test, the 9500i generally outperformed the RX65 and X50, sometimes by a significant margin. I'm basically wondering if the GX65 will show a similar performance increase.

I'm not being critical of the RX65 BTW, I bought one for my wife and we've used it on a couple of trips. It's a fine detector.

Veil Guy said...


Having put an extensive amount of miles on both units, here's my take on the relative performance of the GX65 versus the RX65 with police radar:

Ka-band reception performance appears slightly improved.
K-band reception performance appears slightly improved.
X-band reception performance appears not quite as good.

As a result of what appears to be intentional detuning of X-band, the GX65 is somewhat quieter around town but not quite as quick to alert to bona-fide X-band sources that one may encounter in the states which still deploy them (such as New Jersey).

Veil Guy

Unknown said...

I am trying to make a decision between the Passport 9500ix, and the Beltronics GX 65 Pro. On most counts, the 9500xi seems to out perform the GX 65 based on the reviews. Do you have any input, which do you prefer? Also as a pro, do you like red or blue display, do the buttons light up on the 9500ix like they do on the GX 65, is one a better quality product than the other? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks in advance for your input.


Anonymous said...

I just spent the day shopping for a new RD and have gone back and forth between the Bel GX65 and Escort 9500ix units. I contacted the company twice and asked what real differences there were. They told me that the ONLY difference was that the Bel shows red and has a male voice, requires manual sets for same spot false alarming and is not powered by the USB when updating. The Escort shows blue and has a female voice, has auto learn and will power up through the USB. So, the only hardware difference is the power jack and blue LED.

My comment on the auto learn is that I actually have police that use a road on my daily route as a training area. They are there 2-3 days a week. Now, according to the company the detector looks for frequency match in the same area 3-4 times before deactivating a warning and marking it as false. I keep reading how people are downrating the Bel over not having this feature. I would think that this potentially might be a bad thing and that the Bel's manual confirmation would be better- all else being equal.