Sunday, July 15, 2007

Police Laser Action on July 15th 2007 in Ohio

Now that I was batting 0.500 with my two laser encounters in Ohio—one at night and one in the day I was interested to see how VEIL faired with more LTI police laser action and to really explore the capabilities of laser reception with some of our radar detectors.

This morning, Mike, Steve, and I went hunting for laser. Steve definitely knows the speed traps in Ohio, without a doubt.

Steve was telling us how Vermilian PD operates laser off an overpass positioned by a tree in what would be a very difficult speed trap to spot from the 2W highway.

Sure enough, he was there lasering cars and issuing citations as quickly as he could pull the trigger—being very selective in the vehicles he targeted.

We managed three passes in which we were lasered at very close range (about 500 feet initially) two out of three times. The first time we had 4.5-5 seconds of warning starting at about 72-75mph under braking. On the second pass our warning was about 3.5-4.0 seconds at about the same initial targeting distance. In each case, our trusty V1 (v3.813) alerted. I am afraid this Pro 78 stayed silent to these off-axis laser hits. Since we weren't getting instant punch-throughs at such an initial close range with our metallic silver bmw 328xi with Veil only against an LTI, this re-enforces my belief that the performance of a Veil'd vehicle further improves with off-axis shots like the ones we experienced today from the overpass. That is a good thing, because I have wondered how well any given laser jammer will perform as the angle of the laser shot increases off-center.

My own comprehensive test of laser detectors demonstrated that the LTI police lasers are harder to detect than other police lasers.

Once again, the Valentine demonstrates that it is the top dog in the laser reception department. No other radar detector even comes close; the level of laser reception performance that VR has achieved with their V1 is scary good and [it] is the strongest aspect of performance (relative to every other detector).

If you drive with Veil only (no jammer) and laser is used where you drive, this is the radar detector to own, period.

Up to this point, I have encountered four police laser speed traps and won three out of four. Its about 1400 and we are going to be calling a weekend. Mike will head back to Lexington, Kentucky and I'll head back towards Philly.

Perhaps we'll see some more laser on the Ohio turnpike going East. If so, I'll post my experiences.

Thanks Mike, Steve, and Coleen for a wonderful weekend. We've got to do it again soon. Perhaps you'll be able to convince the Veil Gal to ride the coasters of Cedar Point, next time around...And let us not forget our pact!

We came together as enthusiasts and leave officially ordained as the first speed trap hunters!


Veil Guy
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