Sunday, July 15, 2007

Hiding Amongst the Noise

On my return trip from Ohio this afternoon and early evening the Valentine One really came into its own on the Western [portion of the] PA Turnpike.

And I have seen this now with each of my last three return trips from Ohio. Enough to know that it isn't by accident or coincidence.

I am referring to the use of K-band police radar in steady-state mode.

If you thought instant-on radar was lethal [and it is] steady-state when embedded in between radar drones is even more so, in my opinion.

With the Valentine, it is fairly easy to distinguish between mere weak "false" signals and approaching bona-fide instant-on radar—after becoming intimately familiar with the audio signal alert ramps and alerting quickness of the V1.

It is also pretty clear when one approaches a steady-state radar drone sign as well. The alert ramp is readily identifiable. Since PA state troopers use K-band radar pretty much exclusively in an instant-on mode from a stationery position, it is generally very easy to distinguish between a drone and a speedtrap.

Unless, of course, the police radar speedtrap is masquerading as a radar drone or speed sign.

In each of my last three return trips home from Ohio, I nearly blundered upon these sneaky traps at speeds which would most certainly land me a ticket. Fortunately for me, I stayed off the phone when in the left lane—a lesson learned that I hope will not be soon forgotten. As such, my situational awareness was not undermined.

For these types of encounters, the V1 again stands alone in its unique ability to provide the hardcore enthusiast driver with additional information that other radar detectors do not— such as bogey counts, directional information, and the best audio signal ramp in the business.

For some, this amount of information may result in overload. For others [the few, the proud] every additional piece of intel that can be gathered about one's environment is welcomed and appreciated.

Quickly flashing/changing arrows, increasing bogey counts [while annoying at mall parking lots] can convey essential information to the driver who is rapidly approaching a threat on the highway.

Don't get me wrong, other radar detectors would be alerting to such sources as well providing plenty of time and most [drivers] would be adjusting their speeds accordingly [if needed], but the level of information that Valentine provides about these kinds of tricky encounters is simply unmatched by any other radar detector—regardless of sensitivity—and its been that way for a long, long time.

These are some of the reasons the V1 will continue [for the foreseeable future] to be the standard against which all other radar detectors will be measured.

In my particular instance, I enjoy having the best of both worlds, so I like augmenting the V1 with the Bel STi Driver [in TEC display mode].

It used to be that my favorite pairing was the RX-65 Pro and the V1 together. It is now the V1 and the STi Driver. What a powerhouse combo*.

All told the mileage put on this long weekend was 1295.7. BMW is going to hate me.

Veil Guy.

*Again, don't get me wrong. I still love the diminutive Beltronics RX-65 Pro.
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