Friday, July 13, 2007

I have the need for speed!

Today, I had the need for speed...and that need was satisfied.

How about these numbers: 0-120mph in less than 4.0 seconds. Speed and acceleration, for me, are two of the greatest thrills one can have in one's lifetime.

These numbers, however, weren't experienced on Ohio's highways; they were experienced at one of the best amusements in the entire worldCedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio on the coast of lake Erie—on one of the quickest and fastest roller-coasters ever fabricated.

But let's get to the best action first.

Even though today was Friday the 13th, it turned out the 13 was my lucky number. On the way to Cedar Point route 2W with both Staton and Steve riding along and no sooner was Steve talking about Ohio's propensity to laser in this certain stretch of road, did we spot a cruiser situated in the center medial strip as we crested a hill. I was tooling at about 81-82mph at the time with a V1 and an STi Driver mounted on the windshield.

As I began to brake, the V1 alerted to laser by about three seconds prior to the STi Driver. The total duration of the alert was about 6-7 and ended when we crossed the threshold of about 400-500 feet.

I first was thinking: not two tickets in two days, but as we passed [him], Staton saw that the officer was already pointing his LTI at another vehicle.

So, Veil when paired with the V1 tilted the odds in my favor, no doubt. And not being on cel phone certainly didn't hurt, either.

For now, I will be leaving my dependable V1 on the windshield. Without a doubt, there is the V1 and then there is everything else in the laser reception department. Thank you VR for making laser such a priority in your radar detectors. With Veil, laser can be tamed even with a metallic silver car that is inherently unstealthy against a difficult laser gun and today proved this.

I may not be able to win 'em all, but today was definitely a win in our column.

That was only the beginning of what turned out to be one of the most enjoyable days in a long, long time.

Mike, Steve, and I spent a day a Cedar Point experiencing the limits of engineering and the human body on some of the most intense roller-coasters you'll find.

We experienced: Millennium Force, Top Thrill Dragster, Maverick, Iron-Dragon, Raptor, and Magnum XL-200.

Although Mike and Steve felt the park's new Maverick was the best [and it was awesome, without a doubt] my vote for my personal favorite goes to the Top Thrill Dragster.

It is pure adrenaline rush being catapulted from 0-120 in under 4 seconds using a launching device not entirely unlike that of an aircraft carrier. This coaster reset my thrill-gauge. I have flown in "dog-fight combat" maneuvers, cliff dived, rock-climbed [nearly killed myself when I fell 60 feet without a belet rope], Australian rappelled straight down the side of a building, scuba-dived wrecks, walked the Great Wall, been on Afrikkan safaris, "Croc-hunted" with a camera lens, sought-out the Komodo Dragon in Indonesia, horse-backed with "Curly" in the expansive ranges of southern Arizona, and drag-raced. As thrilling as each of these activities are in their own right, they pale in comparison to the sheer rush I got on this coaster.

On a scale of 1-10 of my thrill factor meter, this coaster is a 12!

My need for speed was so satisfied after that ride, that we drove back at a leisurely pace. No need to worry about laser tonight.

Steve, Coleen, and I have made a pact. One day we're jumping out of a plane together!

Happy and safe motoring!

Veil Guy.

PS. Some personal highlights:

L to R: me, ma Shirl, sis Jan, tracker Ken, and photographer/guide Nigel
Having hot afternoon tea when 134F in the shade.
Kings Pool, Okavango Delta,
Botswana, Afrika.

My buddy. Up close and very personal with an extremely rare granddaddy 14-15 foot 'gator
living in the wilderness of the Fakahatchee Strand Everglades, Florida, USA.
Picture taken by myself at distance of under 3 feet from snout.
(That's 12 feet closer than
Bear Grylls is willing to do so on Man vs Wild)
Steve Irwin would have been proud...You set the standard. RIP

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