Monday, July 16, 2007

Whistler Pro 78/ Whistler XTR-690 Update, Update

Given the recent buzz about Whistler's new radar detectors, in the wake of our review, there has been some mis-understanding about the availability of the new code developed by the engineering team of the Whistler Group that I wish to correct, for the record.

While it is true that Whistler is making improvements to the code to address some of the subtle issues we pointed out and to further squeeze some more performance out of their new platform, they are taking their time with it as they are going to do it right, instead of fast—it is still in the beta testing phase.

When the new beta code has passed all the QA testing, we will be the first to be notified as to when the revision will become available and then so shall you.

It is a rare pleasure to behold a company so openly committed to improving their product(s) for the sake of satisfying their customers—they've made me a fan.

In the meantime, you can be confident that any purchase of either the Whistler Pro-78 or the Whistler XTR-690 can be easily updated at the appropriate time, so there is no need to delay being protected by either radar detector by waiting for the update (realize, the majority of our review was based upon the original models).

Keep posted, as we will be the first to report when the update becomes generally available and please don't contact Whistler directly—about this issue—as doing so will only serve to slow them down.


Veil Guy
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