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Escort Redline: Extreme Escort Redline Performance in a Windshield-Mount

escort redlineEscort Redline Windshield-Mount Radar Detector

New Escort Redline Radar Detector Officially Announced Today by Escort

Escort Redline Radar Detector

Updated: 06/01/2013

Update: Escort has recently released an improved version of the Escort Redline.

Given Escort's public announcement of the up-and-coming Escort Redline radar detector, I am heartened to report that the Escort Redline radar detector will be all about performance with an emphasis on no-holds-barred sensitivity and (I hope) quickness to alerting and a de-emphasis on being heavily filtered (to reduce falses).

It sounds like the new Escort Redline model will finally unlock the potential of the RDD-undetectable M3 platform (the same used in the Beltronics STi Driver, Passport 9500ci, and Beltronics STi-R models) in a windshield-mount.

But, beware, this is not your father's Escort.

While the Escort brand (with the exception of their blistering $1600 Escort Passport 9500ci custom installed remote) has historically placed an emphasis on being the quietest (but still highly sensitive) radar detectors (as most recently manifested in the Escort Passport 9500ix), Escort appears to have finally given the "red-meat" to those asking for Passport 9500ci-like performance, but in a windshield-mount with the Escort Redline.

Generally, this is something that has been historically accomplished by the sister company Beltronics brand with the models like the venerable Beltronics STi Driver and, of course, the Beltronics STi-R custom remote radar detectors.

I am pleased that with the Escort Redline, Escort customers will now have a viable alternative to the otherwise Escort Passport 9500ix (a radar detector with an emphasis on filtering and being quiet).

Now I am waiting for the addition of two things, GPS capability (for photo detection and variable sensitivity) and Shifter ZR4 interfacing capability.

I still believe that model would be the ultimate windshield-mount radar detector.

I trust, in time, we'll see that model, as well.

Once we get our hands on a production version of this new Redline detector, we'll follow-up with a detailed and thorough review, as always.

In the meantime, it appears that with the Escort Redline, extreme performance appears to be finally coming in a small package...but again, this radar detector won't be for everyone. You have received your warning.

Gentlemen (and ladies), start your engines, the REDLINE is coming, the REDLINE is coming!

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