Friday, August 29, 2008

Cheetah C100: GPS Mirror Capability in Small Form Factor

New Cheetah C100 GPS Detector

For viewers who watched Al's recent news interview about the Cheetah GPS Mirror , you know that Cheetah hinted of a new smaller unit.

Well today, it was made official: Cheetah is further enhancing their product offering with a new smaller GPS detector (red-light camera, fixed camera, mobile speed camera) that mounts (like a radar detector) to your windshield/windscreen and provides the same performance capabilities and interfacing abilities as their Cheetah GPS Mirror.

Suggested retail for the unit is $249USD, but unlike the radar detectors from Escort/Passport (Escort 9500ix and Escort 9500ci) which offer an update subscription service (for a fee) to the Trinity Database, the Cheetah C100 includes a lifetime subscription update service as a no cost option.

This is a very compelling product offering, as the Trinity Database should be updated on Trinity Database-enabled detectors on a monthly basis due to the fluid nature of changing red light camera, fixed camera, mobile speed camera locations as greed-driven photo enforcement companies and cash-strapped municipalities routinely look to extract the most revenue out of carefully selected locations.

For frequent airport-bound travelers like myself, the new Cheetah C100 will certainly be something I will pack and use in my rental cars in unfamiliar towns.

Veil Guy


jwardell said...

This would be exactly something I would want, except I still believe there are no speed cameras in the northeast. It would be nice if they had a browsable map so you can see if there are enough in your area to warrant purchase.

Veil Guy said...

Depends what you consider the north east.

If its fairly wide then we've got our fair share (and its growing).

Philadelphia, I understand, is adding more systems. Delaware has its fair share and Baltimore (DC metro) appears to have a lot as well, and of course New York has some.

But, your point is a very good one and I think we can assist you in this regard.

Stay tuned...

Steve said...

Can any of the radar/laser detectors actaully DETECT redlight or safety cameras or is the National Database comprehensive to the point it would be considered up to date for any local camera??

Veil Guy said...

In so far as windshield-mounted radar detectors, the Escort Passport 9500ix would be your best bet by far and is currently my choice for business trips and rental car use.

Of course, the remote installed Escort 9500ci would also fall in this category since it too shares the same Trinity Database that was developed and used in either Cheetah GPS Mirror or the new Cheetah C100 GPS Detector.

All of these radar/laser/gps and/or gps detectors should be updated on a monthly basis with the software that Escort or Cheetah provides to do so, as to keep absolutely up to date with the fluid and continually changing locations of the red light cameras, fixed speed cameras, and mobile speed cameras.

In my opinion, both of these new Escorts are the very best at maximizing your situational awareness of not only police radar and laser but the emerging threat of these civil liberty encroaching and dehumanizing red light cameras, speed on green cameras, and mobile/fixed speed cameras.