Saturday, December 01, 2007

A Must Read: Driver's Guide to Police Radar

Sometimes controversial, always entertaining

After many years of a book-publishing respite (and some coaxing from yours truly), Craig Peterson has finally written a follow-on to his first book (a cult-classic), Fast Driving (Without Tickets) , detailing his extensive knowledge of traffic enforcement technology and techniques and how to successfully mitigate them.

His latest book in his continuing series is entitled: Driver's Guide to Police Radar.

Although the title suggests otherwise, Craig's book provides an authoritative look at the operation of all the latest speed/traffic enforcement technology including police radar, police laser, and time-distance measuring devices along with the effective countermeasures—invaluable information not readily known to the driving public.

This book should provide accurate and detailed answers to most questions you've probably had about speed/traffic enforcement but were afraid to ask LEOs (and they would be reluctant to answer).

If it turns out to be anything like his first book, Driver's Guide to Police Radar is destined to become another instant classic.

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