Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Safely Evading VASCAR, Electronic Timing Speed Enforcement

Earlier this evening I stumbled into a VASCAR/electronic timing speedtrap at a rate well in excess of the posted limit.

Fortunately I noticed an unmarked cruiser--sitting dark in an adjacent gas station--during the time that I was between the two painted timing strips on the road.

I immediately turned on my high-beams to change the illumination pattern of my headlights and was successful at preventing an accurate time-track of my vehicle while not having to abruptly slam my brakes (I was too far into the speed trap for braking to have likely made much of an impact on my average speed).

Contrary to what some may believe, VASCAR and other electronic timing methods can be and are easily made by tracking the trailing portion of one's headlights between two points on the road (which can be timing strips or arbitrary stationary objects).

If you ever find yourself in such a speed trap, think of this technique as it may just save you as it did me, today.

For those of you who celebrate this holiday, please have a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving and if you happen to be driving sometime in the coming days, remember they are out in force!

Veil Guy
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