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Cheetah C50 Review/Preview: Best-of-Breed GPS Camera Detector Gets Even Better With Trinity 2.0

Cheetah C50 gps camera detector

Cheetah C50 Review/Preview: Best-of-Breed GPS Camera Detector Gets Even Better with new Trinity 2.0 Feature

Updated: 23 Apr 14, By Veil Guy

Scotland UK, 23 Aug 2009: I am pleased to inform our readers that best-of-breed Cheetah Advanced Technologies LTD of Scotland, will soon be introducing the newer and more powerful Cheetah C50, the most advanced GPS Camera Detector, yet to appear on our shores, and at a price point that is remarkably hard to believe, retailing at just $99USD. General availability date is expected to be 14 Sep 09.

The advanced Cheetah C50 is the first GPS camera detector preloaded with the Trinity 2.0 Advanced Database which enables the Cheetah C50 to alert to all types of photo enforcement camera systems including those of Redflex, ATS, Nestor, Lasercraft, Gatso, ACS, Redspped, Traffipax, TruVelo, SPECS average speed cameras, Point-to-point average speed cameras, Watchman, Speedcurb and others.

65 Unique Camera Alerts - Spoken Voice, not Just Beeps

The Cheetah C50 uniquely provides 65 distinct camera and other hazard detection voice alerts.

The Cheetah C50 provides you more detailed and useful camera information than any other detector on the market. It is the only camera locator in the world that can tell you not only what kind of camera is approaching, but also if the camera is on the highway, the exit ramp, the frontage road, the city street, in the tunnel, after the end of the tunnel, on the overpass (flyover), at the school zone, at the construction zone, or near the bridge ahead.

Spoken voice alerts means you will always know exactly what hazard is approaching, enabling you to instantly assess the importance of the approaching threat.

3 User operating Modes with One Touch Switching

There are Three User Selectable Operating Modes:
  1. All cameras, mobile traps, and safety alerts

  2. Speed and red-light cameras only alerts

  3. Speed cameras only alerts
By providing three distinct alert modes, you can precisely tailor the Cheetah C50 to your particular hazard circumstances.

A $99 Detector with $400 Worth of Features
  • Preloaded with your region's cameras with 44 countries covered: North America (US & Canada), EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa) or Australasia (Australia & New Zealand)

  • Trinity 2.0 Enhanced Alerts - 65 spoken voice alerts for more useful & accurate camera info

  • Multi-directional alerts using vectored approaches resulting in fewer false alarms than less sophisticated "radius alert" type devices (GPS, GPS-enabled radar detectors, and other camera locators)

  • Three user-selectable operating modes

  • Switch off alerts for the "non-enforced" directions at red light camera intersections for a quieter less-false alerting ride

  • Speed camera sound effects

  • Posted speed limit reminders during camera alerts

  • SpeedTone Intelligence - only beeps above PSL & becomes more urgent in close proximity to cameras

  • Confirmation end-of-alert chime

  • Database automatic update reminder during power-on sequence

  • Ability to store 100 customized personal locations with easy one-touch marking

  • 5 speed reminders-set reminders in increments of 1 mph for real enforcement thresholds, like 9 or 11 over PSL

  • Real-time GPS speedometer display

  • 8 point compass display - flashes different patterns during camera alerts

  • Rotary volume control

  • Internal GPS antenna with faster start-up times requiring only 3 satellites to start functioning

  • Remote GPS antenna socket for cars with Athermic windshields or customized installations

  • GPS signal feed via USB - lets you run GPS applications right from your laptops, notebooks, & PDAs, etc.

  • Earphone socket for motorcycle use or linking with your car stereo

  • Magnetic puck for dashboard of steering column mounting

  • Cheetah C50 Demonstration mode

The Cheetah C50 can be easily updated via a PC by it's USB port without the requirement of an additional DC power cord like those required by a number of GPS-enabled radar detectors.

For those living and driving in areas with a low density or static positioning of photo enforcement then the Cheeatah C50 is ready for use straight out of the box. For those wishing to keep their Trinity 2.0 database current, Cheetah provides two subscription options.

The first is the Gold membership which retails at $29.99USD which provides for unlimited database updates through the Internet for 3 years of camera updates, a 1 year warranty plus other benefits like Cheetah software which allows further customizations to the Cheetah C50 from your computer.

For an additional $20USD ($49.99USD total) the Platinum membership provides you a lifetime of updates and an additional 2 years of warranty coverage for a total of 3 years. The platinum membership also enables the world traveler database coverage for other regions of the world.

For those drivers requiring an interface to other radar detector and laser jammers, the existing products from Cheetah—Cheetah C100 and Cheetah GPS Mirror—will remain available as the C50 is designed as a stand-alone detector.

Once we receive a shipping version, I will follow-up with a more formal review. Until that time, we thank our Scottish friends at Cheetah for providing an even more sophisticated solution to the rapid expansion of automated photo enforcement systems in this country.

Happy and Safe Motoring!

Veil Guy

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Radar Detector said...

I am quite amazed that they can sell this so cheaply. There is a bit of an upsell with the upgrade package, but even that is not expensive.

The earphone socket is a good idea, because my wife is a biker, but I am curious as to how well it fits for use on a bike?

Anonymous said...

I have a couple of questions. But first let me say I am so impressed with this unit for the price I bought one today.

Now for my questions:

Question 1: Can I use this along side a radar/lazer detector? Or will one interfere with the other?

Question 2: Since this is not a radar detector, is it illegal in states like Virginia?

Veil Guy said...

A1: Yes.
A2: No.

Steve said...

How does the Cheetah compare to the Escort SC55?

Oz Striker said...

I have the C100 and have been fairly impressed with it, esp with its LIDAR integration.
But i've noticed that updates for the Trinity database in the UK at least, have been fairly thin on the ground of late.
Also they are a little slow in removing old sites. Dont know if things are better in the US.

Just my 2 cents.