Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rocky Mountain Radar (RMR) at Best Buy Retailer

"Follow the money," Rocky Mountain Radar (RMR) at Best Buy Retailer

Updated 25 JUL 09, 2250

Radar Roy called me first thing this morning to inform me about Best Buy's recent decision to sell Rocky Mountain Radar (RMR) products (self-proclaimed effective passive radar countermeasures), at what's sure to be very high profit margins.

It is unfortunate that the management of Best Buy has made the same unscrupulous and/or incompetent choice to put their corporate seal of approval on a company's products that have been so thoroughly discredited by so many independent sources over many years as Rocky Mountain Radar (RMR).

Radio Shack once made the same unfortunate choice a number of years ago and also chose to subject their loyal customers to sham products, if even for a relatively short period of time.

Unfortunately, the actions of Best Buy doesn't only hurt their customers—who rely on the name Best Buy as a reliable shopping/retail brand in its own right—it also hurts the other legitimate manufacturers like Veil (a proven effective passive laser countermeasure) as well as the other established companies in this ever so small industry like: Beltronics, Blinder, Cheetah, Cobra, Escort, Ontrack, Valentine, and Whistler.

It even hurts the legitimate online dealers who have chosen not to fleece their trusting customers by selling patently bogus products, dealers like Buy Radar Detectors and Radar Busters.

I can only hope with the awareness by postings like this, Best Buy will rethink their choice of carrying such disreputable brands like RMR or KAT.

For our part, we are pleased to report that Veil does not and will not have a direct selling relationship with any retailer that engages in duping their customers with bogus products.

To us, some things are more important than the love-of-money or profit, like truth, integrity, and honor, things that should infinitely more valuable to us as individual citizens and to good corporate citizens.

Please don't support those retailers, with your hard-earned dollars, who sell such products and pressure the related manufacturers of other related products to not allow those retailers to carry their products until such time those sham products are no longer offered for sale by them.

If you are interested to learn more factual information about Rocky Mountain Radar and radar jamming in general, please refer to the following article: Rocky Mountain Radar Radar Jammers Factual Informational Guide.

If you want to read the real-deal about the real-world performance of Rocky Mountain Radar (RMR) and their related KAT (Kick A#% Technologies) products, you will plainly see these products actually get their-own A$$ess Kicked (AKT) when they are subjected to real-independent tests like those conducted by, Speed Measurement Labs (SML) and Radar Test.

To learn more about Roy's crusade and to learn how to actively make your own voice heard please refer to the following post.

And remember, caveat emptor.

My personal suggestion is to contact the other related manufacturers and "pressure" them to pull RMR's/KAT's product(s) from Best Buy or any other major retailer who engages in selling such products (some major manufacturers contact numbers).

Best Buy Corporate Office: 612-291-1000
Beltronics: 800-341-2288
Cobra: 773-889-3087
Escort: 800-964-3138
Whistler: 800-531-0004

Veil Guy


radarroy said...

Bob, thanks for your post and jumping in!

Max said...

As soon as it's available online, people should rate their products accordingly. (same as for

If enough people review it negatively, I'm sure Best Buy will listen and remove the products. At a brick and mortar shelf space is precious, and they can't afford to stock products that A) don't sell B) experience a higher than normal return rate.

Veil Guy said...

Where Roy's comments appear to be more from the consumer's perspective, my take is one of a manufacturer in this very small and tight knit industry.

My suggestion is to contact the other related manufacturers and "pressure" them to pull product from Best Buy or any other major retailer who engages in selling such products (some major manufacturers contact numbers).

Beltronics: 800-341-2288
Cobra: 773-889-3087
Escort: 800.964.3138
Whistler: 800.531.0004

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RadarRoy said...

Just announced, Best Buy removes RMR from its website!!!

Thanks for the support Bob!

Veil Guy said...

Pleased to be part of a positive force.

Nicely done, Roy.