Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Cobra XRS 9960G Review: Cobra Kicks it Up a Notch

Cobra XRS-9960G Alerting to Red-light Camera Photo Enforcement

I've said it before and I'll say it again: these are, indeed, exciting times for the radar detector industry.

And, there have been some important new product categories recently created, including GPS-enabled radar detectors and the possibilities the marriage of these two different technologies create is most enticing. What we have come to expect today in the latest high-tech radar detectors was virtually unimaginable, just several years ago.

For the 2009 driving season, Cobra has released several new GPS-enabled or GPS-capable radar detectors, the Cobra XRS 9960G (and its radar detector only equivalent, the Cobra XRS 9955) and two internal remote equivalents, the Cobra XRS R10G (and its radar detector only equivalent, the Cobra XRS R8).

These new radar detectors come with new GPS modules which are much smaller than the previous model year and provide an elegant updating-via-PC solution for those wishing to keep their Cobra GPS-enabled radar detector's Aura photo enforcement database frequently up to date.

We pitted these new flagship Cobra models against real-world traffic enforcement speed traps where we encountered X-band, K-band, Ka-band, and police laser in addition to a series of red-light camera enforced intersections.

Beyond our real-world performance testing, we examined what it's like to actually live with this new radar detector from Cobra.

We determined, while not quite in the same performance league as higher-end (and higher priced) GPS-enabled radar detectors from Beltronics (Pro GX-65) and Escort (Passport 9500ix), there is still a lot to like about these new Cobras and we expect them to be a success with consumers of Cobra retailers, despite the recent down-turn in our global economy.

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