Friday, October 03, 2008

The Ultimate $1000 Windshield-Mount Radar Detector

I have been thinking about posting this one for quite some time and given that Beltronics is soon to release their new BEL GX65 radar detector and that we will soon be entering the extended holiday (shopping) season, I feel perhaps now is the time to post this entry as an addition to my short Santa's list.

Other than the Nikon D3X (or Nikon D4) that I would love to find under my tree this season—as the Hasselblad H3DII-50 is just a bit outside of my price range—I wish Beltronics would finally offer, what I would regard, the ultimate radar detector (in a windshield-mount).

This supreme radar detector would possess the following attributes:
  • The Dual LNA Antenna of the STi Driver/STI-R that would enable the detector to remain invisible to Spectre RDDs while providing unimaginable levels of performance
  • The incorporation of the GPS abilities of the Beltronics Pro GX65 and Escort Passport 9500ix which includes the Cheetah Trinity Database of Red Light Cameras and Fixed/Mobile Speed Cameras w/lifetime subscription to updates
  • The auto-learning and un-learning of identified false locations
  • The absolute reception capability of the Beltronics STi-R
  • Police lidar/laser reception on par with the new Bel GX65
  • The silky-smooth alert ramp-up of the Escort Passport 8500 X50
  • Ka-Band segmentation as currently provided in the Beltronics STi-R
  • Incorporation of the four different metering display options (borrowed from both Beltronics and Escort Passport models)
  • The magnesium chassis of the STi Driver as well as its second-to-none packaging.
  • All of the ergonomic advancements which we have all come to know and love from both Beltronics and Escort models including the nice new double-tone auto-muting at speeds below 20mph.
  • The ability to incorporate with the Cincinnati Microwave Laser Shifter ZR4
  • The potential to alert via a blue-tooth link into new automobile sound systems and/or other mobile devices
I believe there exists a place in the Beltronics line-up for such a radar detector and I suspect that place would be at the $999USD price point.

Such a radar detector could fulfill the vision of providing an incremental approach to buidling a system along the lines of an Escort Passport 9500ci without undermining the positioning of any of the other products offered by either Beltronics or Escort.

In my opinion, such a radar detector could be universally regarded as the most sophisticated and capable (dare I say perfect?) windshield-mount radar detector, yet conceived.

Santa (aka: Beltronics), I don't know if you are listening, but...

I know I am not in Iowa, but I do believe that if you build it, they will come...

Veil Guy


Anonymous said...

It would be nice for beltronics to make a new style of antenna. Not the M3 or M4 but maybe a m3 modified so that its invisble to spectre rdd's but also has the range of a 9500ci maybe. I know we have the technology, and capabilty to provide the perfect RD and $999 is deffinatly a price that they could get everything that we want plus the detection range of a 9500ci.

Speedtrap Hunter OH said...

Amen BOb PLEASE Santa I have been a good boy

Max said...

Or even a portable version of the 9500ci, just without the Zr4's. But be able to add them later.

This could help people who can't shell out $1500 at once, but would rather over time..