Saturday, June 28, 2008

Escort Passport 9500ix Announced

Escort Passport 9500ix Radar Detector

Escort Passport 9500ix Preview

Escort has been pretty busy lately producing some new and exciting products including the ultra-premium Escort Passport 9500ci remote installed radar detector.

I have learned that Escort will soon be announcing the addition of yet another new revolutionary radar detector (to their already extensive line) called the Escort Passport 9500ix.

Unlike the Escort Passport 9500i, the Escort Passport 9500ix supports a greater memory capacity (more in line with the Passport 9500ci) and has firmware revisions that allows the radar detector to also alert to many red light camera and fixed camera locations (out of the box) that are, unfortunately, beginning to blossom in this country.

If there isn't one in your city/state yet, you'll probably not have to wait too long, as cash strapped budgets and corporate profiteering are the primary drivers of this most offensive Orwellian form of "traffic" control.

The Escort Passport 9500ix uses the same Trinity database that the Passport 9500ci utilizes.

For those not willing (or able) to invest in a $1600 radar/laser/detector/jammer combination (Escort Passport 9500ci) in one shot, Escort has created an alternative entry/growth path—in a windshield-mount-based solution retailing for $499 ($50 more the the Escort Passport 9500i).

For those interested in building a similar system to the Escort Passport 9500ci, but in stages, the Escort Passport 9500ix can later be easily combined with the Cincinnati Microwave Laser Shifter ZR4 which would approximate the all-in-one Passport 9500ci remote radar detector in feature-set.

Of course, the Escort Passport 9500ix is built upon the existing radar reception platform as the Escort Passport 9500i and not the newer (and arguably the most sophisticated radar receiver yet built) and undetectable Passport 9500ci (and Beltronics STi-R) remote installed radar detectors.

Considering the capability of the Passport 9500ci, the Passport 9500ix, in my opinion, is what the Passport 9500i should have been all along: a very capable radar detector and redlight camera and fixed camera detector. This new radar detector brings much of the capability of the 9500ci to a windshield-mount version.

Like the Passport 9500i, the Passport 9500ix incorporates advanced GPS filtering capabilities to not only quiet the radar detector around town by sensing vehicle speed—and automatically dialing back its sensitivity when going slow—but also audio-mute fixed known false locations automatically, just as the Escort Passport 9500ci does.

We would not be surprised to see that Escort provides an "upgrade" path to a Passport 9500ix for existing owners of its predecessor Passport 9500i, for a nominal amount.

Based upon my real-world driving experiences with the Passport 9500ci, the Passport 9500ix promises to quickly establish itself as the most sophisticated windshield mount radar detector, yet produced.

Escort is projecting that the Passport 9500ix will be released sometime in July. We expect to be putting some serious miles on one of the first Passport 9500ix models in the very near future and will report our real-world findings.

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Veil Guy


jwardell said...

Does it offer the auto-lockout capabilities of the 9500ci? That feature is what really makes that GPS capabilities useful for the common person who won't program lockout locations themselves. Considering it's just software, that feature should really be added to all the 9500's.

Veil Guy said...


Yes, That is my understanding.

My expectation is that functionally, it will act like a Passport 9500ci remote, except of course that it is not built on the STI driver's antenna which remains undetectable by RDDs.

I believe Escort is providing a pathway for individuals who would like to grow their systems in stages (by adding their Laser Shifter ZR4 at another time).

It is my belief that this new windshield-mount has the potential to be the ultimate travel companion since it can detect automated photo enforcement in addition to police radar and police laser.

There is probably more to this new radar detector than just software.

I suspect a hardware change is also required (over the Passport 9500i) as the memory capacity has to be much larger to handle all of these pre-loaded fixed camera locations.

Anonymous said...

How soon before we get a comparison with the Bel sti Driver?
I have an SRX in my 4 Runner and came within a keystroke of ordering the Bel before vacation for my wife's Sequoia. But I decided that since I would be pulling 6000 lbs of boat there would be no speeding acciental or otherwise on this truip. What I didn't anticipate was a side trip sans boat and an encounter with a FHP officer on a back highway. Damn.

I'm back in the market.
Fort Worth, TX

Anonymous said...

Escort 9500ix
This is the best radar detector that I have ever owned. I live in the mountains of Arizona and it will pick up a signal before I go over a hill or around a curve. And the ability to download Speedcams is great. They are adding 100 more in Arizona and it has already identified several. It is a great investment.


Anonymous said...

I just had to return my Escort 9500ix. It could not pick up red light cameras, Speed Traps, and the other fixed equipment to steel your dollars I only had this unit for 1 week. Escort is going to replace it. I turned in my 9500i which worked as it was suppose to. The 9500ix never worked as it was suppose to. I took a drive in the Denver area on Aug. 16/2010 I counted 15 red light cameras it only picked up 1. I ran the update program several times that didn't help, and the two times I ran the up date the setting would go back to what the factory set, so I would have to use the preference's and change it back to the way I wanted it to be. I am hoping that I don't get another lemon or I will get my money back. The higher end Escorts are rated very high and I know I was very pleased with my 9500i it didn't have all the fancy stuff but it work as it was designed to do. Unhappy in Colorado

Anonymous said...

Simply the finest radar detector ever made. I retired my V1 which was slightly more sensitive in favor of a nice, serene commute to work with NO (ZERO) false alarms thanks to the Trulock GPS software filters. Well, OK. Not exactly zero but darn close. If the detector alerts, there IS a threat. In Expert mode I can view multiple signals to analyze the threat myself. If my stereo is loud, the detector knows and turns up the volume! I could go on and on but check it out for your self. You won't be sorry.

Steve said...

I was going to replace my 8500 X50 with the 9500ix however my detector is mounted so that only the front 2.5 inches has direct view of sky.
(Mounted to left of rear view mirror)

How sensitive is the 9500ix to having the entire detector exposed to the sky- clear upward view??

jwardell said...

Steve: My 9500ix is clipped to my headliner and completely covered by the metal roof. It takes the standard few minutes to get a lock like other older GPS devices, but it never loses GPS. The chip used is known for having a high sensitivity.