Saturday, December 15, 2007

Driver's Guide to Police Radar (Everything You Need to Know About Speed Enforcement)

If you want to protect your driving record, then this new book, Driver's Guide to Police Radar, is a must read!

In keeping with the Mission Statement of the Speed Trap Hunter forum, I would like to inform my fellow Speed Trap Hunters of a newly published book which has just become available to the general public in its first printing, Driver's Guide to Police Radar (Everything You Need to Know About Speed Enforcement), written by Craig Peterson and available to the public on his website and at Buy Radar Detectors.

Some of you may be already be familiar with Craig's site, which has been providing online guides and reviews (most for free) of automotive electronics, traffic enforcement, and automobiles for many years.

His connection to the traffic enforcement industry (both to a number of leading radar detector and countermeasure manufacturers as well as the manufacturers of traffic enforcement equipment and to a number of the traffic enforcement departments) has been long-established and spans several decades.

For the first time in history, we drivers can refer to one resource which details:
  • Historical account of police radar evolution as well as what's in store for us in the future
  • Advanced police radar features and how your driving record can be affected by their use
  • Common mistakes of police radar (often due to operator error)
  • Police LIDAR (commonly referred to as police laser) speed enforcement
  • Police radar in the city versus police radar on the highway
  • Time distance computers (including VASCAR, ENRADD, Aerial) and why radar detectors provide zero protection from this speed enforcement technology
  • Police radar (and laser) countermeasures and "jammers"
  • Original guide on how to properly choose a radar detector
  • Original guide to getting the most out of your radar detector
  • Exclusive field test report on various top-selling police radar guns
  • Exclusive and detailed specification guide to police radar and police laser models as well as a list of the most likely models we'll encounter on the road
There is no better single source of information available on this complex (and often mis-understood) subject in such a "bite-sized" and information-condensed package.

By reading Craig's definitive book, even a complete "lay" person, can quickly become an "informed" driver.

I have had the privilege of being one the very first individuals to have read his latest work and feel that anyone who is interested in really learning about the many aspects of traffic enforcement (so that you can be prepared for the potential "hazards" to your driving record) would be well advised to pick-up a copy.

The knowledge and clarity you gain from this publication will pay dividends for years to come and will likely spare you the pain and costs of future speeding tickets and will make you a better and safer driver.

It's fortuitous that Craig also happens to be a fellow Speed Trap Hunter forum member!
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