Friday, October 26, 2007

Whistler Pro 78/ Whistler XTR-690 Updates Finalized

I am pleased to report today that the Whistler Group has finalized their enhancement updates to their venerable Pro-78 and XTR-690 top-of-the-line windshield-mount radar detectors and have generously decided to make these updates available at "cost" for existing Pro-78 and XTR-690 owners interested in having their detectors updated to the latest "REV C" firmware code.

To be clear, this update is entirely an elective one best suited for the "road-warrior" or "hard-core" radar detector user, as either of these radar detectors provide top-end performance in their current form.

Rev C provides the following enhancements:


Improved auto dimming function
Police laser voice alert sequence now in line with radar voice alert sequence
Added slight display hold to brief alerts to allow visual confirmation


With POP OFF, improvement, most notably, to radar reception of USA bands (33.8Ghz, 34.7Ghz, 35.5Ghz) and European bands (34.0Ghz, 34.3Ghz), Gatso, and the polarized radar sources of Multanova and RAMET.

According to the Whistler Group:

Rev C has been released for the Pro 78 and XTR 690 and developed for our
international customers that do not require POP and wish to take
advantage of some performance increases when in the POP OFF mode.

It is Whistler's strong suggestion to operate the unit in the POP ON mode
for the USA and as such, the software changes will make no performance
difference vs. the previous revisions when operated in the POP ON mode.

The changes are not essential to the USA market however we will offer
the Rev C to our USA consumers that desire it.

There will be a flat fee of $20 to upgrade to Rev C to cover the cost of
the upgrade, process, and handling.

USA customer units will be returned with the same [shipping] priority that they were received with the return shipping charges paid for by Whistler.

International customers will be returned via USPS (typical 2-3 week return delivery).

In order to have your unit returned to you quickly and to evenly distribute this process across two locations, Whistler asks that Rev A units be sent to the Massachusetts address and the Rev B units be sent to the Arkansas address.

The Rev can be checked by holding the city button then applying power to the unit.

Rev A Units Send To:

Whistler Product Development
168 Ayer Rd.
Littleton, MA. 01460

Rev B Units Send To:

Whistler Repair Center
551 North 13th Street
Rogers, AR 72756

Please be sure to include with your unit; your name, address, phone number, email address and a cashier's check, money order, or credit card information to cover the $20 fee.

I would personally like to thank the folks at Whistler for being as responsive and as dedicated to supporting their customers in the manner in which they have.

For a nominal and very reasonable fee (as compared to other manufacturers), we hard-core Whistler fans have the ability to extend the performance life of our Pro-78 and XTR-690 radar detectors without being forced to purchase an entirely new model.

Please join me in expressing your thanks to Whistler for providing the highest levels of customer support!

Veil Guy


jwardell said...

It is spectacular that Whistler got personally involved with the enthusiast community and used their suggestions to make a real improvement to their product. It is so rare these days for large companies (yet so beneficial..imagine if every company did this). Hopefully the follow in the seps of Valentine and continue to offer low-cost updates and improvements that truly extend the lie and value of your purchase.

Speedtrap Hunter OH said...

Amen I look forward to testing it