Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Takin' another one for the team

...And, once again, I only have myself to blame.

This time my tool of choice was the Beltronics STi Driver as I was heading to a certain Commonwealth which does not allow for radar detector usage. (It was off for that portion of the trip).

As seems to be the pattern when ever I get a speeding ticket, I was on my cell phone (talking to my friends at Buy Radar Detectors) when I got lit up.

Why didn't the STi Driver save me? Simple.

Because no radar was deployed! According to the PA state trooper, I walked right on by him (at 86mph in a 55mph zone).

His tool was a late-model blue unmarked Chevy Impala running VASCAR.

Not only didn't I "see" him, I didn't realize I was also in a construction zone at the time (there was no construction going on at the equipment or personnel).

He asked where I was going. I thought a moment and told him that I was traveling to Orlando Florida (didn't tell him why, though).

He asked what I did for a "living" and I told him that among other things I write reviews about radar detectors. This he thought was quite funny. (And so do I).

At any rate, to make a long story short, I appealed to his finer nature and asked for (and received) a citation of PA-3111A. This is a non-pointable offense and doesn't bring the potential for license suspension.

I gave him one of my Veil business cards and was able to go on my way, relatively unscathed, for my indiscrection.

Thank you Trooper "Chris" for being the consumate professional. You are a fine ambassador for the Pennsylvania State Troopers, are a class act, and you've got my respect. (Told ya I write about this experience.)

If I am fortunate enough that our paths one day cross again, I owe you a beer! (After hours, of course.)

Veil Guy

PS: Bloggin' this from Danny's and Frank's place at Rock Hill, SC.

PPS: Craig Peterson estimates that I will receive three additional tickets before this event is done and over with. For my money, I am betting on the "unders" on this one...
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