Sunday, June 17, 2007

Something took out one of my Blinder M20 laser jammer heads

During my 400-mile plus driving circuit this weekend to test out the new Whistler Pro 78 and XTR-690 radar detectors, my Blinder M-20 which is installed on my silver 540i developed a fault and its diagnostic circuitry kicked-in alerting me to the fault.

I was able to get Blinder Extreme on the phone on Saturday and Leon (aka, the Blinder Dude) was gracious in helping me determine where the fault may lie. Examining the front of my vehicle, I noticed that one of the heads apparently was knocked loose out of its screws to the bottom portion of the Bimmer's front fascia. I can only imagine something struck the head and may have damaged the electronics.

Up until now, my Blinder M-20 has provided flawless performance. Leon, being the cool guy he is, offered a replacement of the damaged head with a new Blinder M-25 -- since the M-20 has been superseded by the newer Blinder M-25 and Blinder M-20 parts are scarce.

It is a real pleasure doing business with a company, like Blinder, that really cares about its customers and products, alike, especially when you consider that the unit is already two years old.

I am looking forward to installing this more powerful successor to the Blinder Xtreme M-20 and M-40 series even though I never received a speeding ticket with it and Veil running in combination.

It's still nice to know, though, that one coat of VEIL is still going strong after all these years. The total cost of ownership is definitely lower with this solution, no pun-intended.


Speedtrap Hunter OH said...

The Blinders are the most reliable jammers in the world. They do what they are designed to do and that is give the driver enough time to slow down.

Pepper said...

I just wanted to let you know that I saw a mid-90s red Mustang acting as a stealth police car today, somewhere is the NJ-Maryland-Delaware area. Completely unmarked but for stealth lights and government license plate.

I came across your site because I got pulled today in the last 20 miles of Virginia for going 15 over. :P May take your detector advice.

Veil Guy said...


Thanks for the info; sorry you got tagged.

When I drive testing these radar detectors, I'll be sure to keep an eye out. My guess is that MD was the state. I have heard of other tricked-our stealth cars. Sounds like you were traveling on I-95.

Driving a red mustang almost sounds to me like border-line "entrapment." Better if they stick to their Crown-vics!