Monday, June 25, 2007

Cobra XRS R7/R9G Review

This has been an extremely busy weekend, indeed.

I am pleased to report that I was able to put on the finishing touches on our real-world review of the innovative Cobra XRS R7/R9G radar detector.

We've had this radar detector in our possession and have been driving with it for about a month now and we've gotten to know its behavior well.

Cobra XRS R7/Cobra R9G Review

Please enjoy the reading/viewing!

Veil Guy


Unknown said...


I read your very informative heads up review of the V1, the Passport 8500 and the RX5 from a couple of years ago. I am now looking into buying one of those, and am anxiously awaiting an updated review of the latest hardware versions of those detectors. I saw a mention of an updated review coming soon in one of your postings, but any idea when that might be coming out? I'm waiting for it to make my final decision and order one of those. Thanks.

Veil Guy said...


Thanks for your kind words. In so far as when we get to publishing the '07 version, I can't give you an exact time.

I have decided to use the VEIL Guy blog to document the day-to-day experiences that I have that are noteworthy—which is what you have been reading here.

There are several new detectors like the Cobra and Whistler that I am incorporating into the review mix as well as the Bel STI Driver and the Escort Passport 9500i.

To my knowledge Bel and Escort have not made any significant changes to either the Escort Passport 8500 nor the Beltronics RX-65 Pro. But, they are, at least, as good as they were when I wrote that original review in 2005.

The Valentines, like always, are constantly on an improvement revision process.

In any event, I believe their personalities have not substantively changed to the point that it should make a difference in which one to purchase.

Therefore, if you are debating as to which one to drive with, I would suggest that you make your decision and begin driving with the added protection that any of these model will provide you.

We are at a peak-time in the driving season—as evidenced by this weekend's experiences.

The sooner you get some protection, the better you'll be.

You can always e-bay your model if you so choose to change your mind or, at least, arm your significant other's vehicle with the radar detector you choose not to use.

It still holds true today, you really can't go wrong with any of these top performing models...

Be safe.