Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Escort 's New Passport 9500i

While Beltronics has improved their product line-up with the STi Driver, its sister company Escort hasn't been standing pat with their 8500 X50.

We have managed to get our hands on a pre-production model of the soon-to-be released Escort Passport 9500i.

This model incorporates GPS technology to provide a host of capabilities that no other detector has been able to provide. Namely, user-enabled traffic enforcement trap identification (i.e.; Red light Camera Locations, VASCAR Traps, etc.), known false location auto-muting, and speed sensitive radar sensitivity - all based upon real-time GPS data.

These additional capabilities combined with what appears to be an RX-65-based radar section - along with some features borrowed from the 8500 X50, RX-65 Pro, and the STi Driver - promise to make this radar detector one the nicest units on the market.

We'll put it through its paces and follow-up with a comprehensive report in the near future.

Veil Guy
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