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Veil Guy's detector reviews & countermeasure guides

The Veil Guy has been driving with detectors for nearly 40 years and has been recognized as one of the most experienced and influential countermeasure experts in this niche industry.

Over the years, I've been the go to source for early product reviews and assessments for some of the most prominent radar detector manufacturers in this industry including Beltronics, Escort, and Whistler.

One of my greatest contributions to this industry has been my discovery of the benefits of Ka band-segmentation with Beltronics nearly a decade ago. While the industry was slow to recognize my early observations, today most detector manufacturers offer this capability in their detectors in one form or another but now today.

I created this blog in 2005 to feature my novel approach for creating reviews, by testing them in the real-world against genuine police radar and laser traps and demonstrating how best to use them.

This approach has proven to be invaluable in distinguishing the benefits and draw-backs as they actually perform on the open roads.  My passion for driving and reviewing countermeasure products continues to this day.

Topics you'll find on this site include:
  • Countermeasure product announcements and previews
  • Radar detector reviews
  • Laser jammer reviews
  • Traffic enforcement technology

I hope you find this site very useful for helping you to learn about the threats we all face as drivers and what steps and countermeasures you can use to mitigate them. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.


Veil Guy