Saturday, February 18, 2006

Detailed Laser Detector Tests, Reviews, & Comparisons

Over the years of Veil's development, we have tested with the top performancing radar detectors: the Beltronics/Bel RX65 Pro, Escort 8500 X50, and the Valentine 1. Recently, we have added a Beltronics STi Driver to our detector line-up.

We have noticed that the performance of majority of these radar detectors varies depending upon the police laser gun used to target our test vehicles.

We were curious to investigate more closely and have prepared a report which chronicles these differences.

We pitted these radar laser detectors against all currently available generation 3 (Gen III) police lasers:

Kustom Signal Pro Laser III

Laser Atlanta S

Laser Atlanta S - stealth mode

Laser Technology Ultralyte 100LR

Stalker LZ1

Read the following to see what we found out:

Laser Detectors Reviews, Tests, & Comparison

Veil Guy

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Notes from the Road: Valentine One v3.826

I recently sent one of my Valentine's in for a flash update from v3.825 to their current version v3.826 and its appears to have improved the "J" filtering capability as promised by VR.

On one test drive cycle I travelled from I-78 east to I-287 south and ultimately to the NJTP and I-295 in New Jersey during evening rush hour.

What I noticed, was that the latest V1 was indeed quiet and when it did alert to Ka several times, it almost immediately followed with the "J" alert tone and then edited out further Ka reporting entirely.

It did this as I was in the midst of a fair amount of traffic.

At this time, I am inclined to believe that the latest Valentine's provide some of the most advanced filtering [of "falses"] currently available and I would suggest that owners of previous software versions to get their detectors flash upgraded.

The V1 is the only model that has this advanced capability and further ensures that this detector remains on my short list of must-have auto electronic accessories.

Veil Guy

Friday, February 10, 2006

STI Driver Radar Detector Mini-Review

I am pleased to report that after spending several weeks with Beltronic's newest and most unique radar detector, I have accumulated enough experience behind the wheel with it to proffer some preliminary opinions.

Bel STI Driver Preview

I am refraining from undertaking a complete and thorough review until the production of the STi Driver radar detectors picks up in the coming months.