Saturday, April 08, 2017

Our industry loses another luminary

It brings me great sadness to write that yet another luminary, of the radar detector industry, recently passed away.

R. Gregory Blair, joined the Escort team late in 1984 and was largely responsible for the turn around of the company in the wake of Cincinnati Microwave's reorganization.  Mr. Blair acquired Escort in 1997 as part of their asset sale.

During this time, Mr. Blair made a purchasing play for Whistler, but eventually was successful at acquiring Beltronics--who themselves were experiencing financial difficulties--in an interesting twist of events.

He managed to put together a highly successful team which took both brands of Escort and Beltronics to new heights through his years at Escort until his retirement in 2013.

One of his colleagues recently told me that Greg was one of the very best CEO's that he has ever worked with.  Greg's approach to management was to assemble the best talent possible, then get out of the way, and let his team succeed without having to resort to micro-management.

His successes with Escort culminated into his recognition by Ernst & Young as Entrepreneur of the Year" in late 2002. Under his guidance of Escort and Beltronics, Greg was responsible for what has been the only (major) North American manufacturer of consumer electronics.

Craig Peterson (of RadarTest) summed up Mr. Blair's talents, succinctly, as being "smart, savvy and the guiding force behind the resurrection of Escort."

His influence continues well beyond his time here and he will be missed by many.

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Friday, March 31, 2017

Escort Max 360ci Beats ALP, Stinger Laser Jamming in Early Testing

Escort Max 360ci Beats All Comers in Early Testing

Escort's new shifters dominate the ALP and Stinger VIP jammers

BREAKING: 03/31/17

Escort Max Ci 360
Escort Max Ci 360

Hold on to your hats boy and girls!

Escort's new Escort Max Ci 360 and Escort Max Ci are going to shake things up in a big way.

Early testing has shown that their new laser shifters (which will be available as a separate stand-alone system) dominated a recent "closed" test.

DragonEye Compact
DragonEye Compact (VPR)
When pitted against a late model Dragon Eye Compact (VPR) laser gun the results of jamming performance were:

  • AntiLaser Priority (Triple): 70% effective
  • Escort "Shifters" (Dual): 100% effective
  • Stinger VIP (Triple, non fiber): 0% effective (including no detection)
More testing is, of course, in order, but initial tests are demonstrating that Escort will be establishing themselves as a provider of class-leading laser jamming systems.

Expect some more test results (along with videos) when our install is formally completed, the test mule will remain a Silver E39 BMW and I'll be retiring all the previous remotes: the Beltronics STiR, Beltronics STiR Plus, and the Escort Passport 9500ci.

ALP, K40, and Stinger...there's a new sheriff in town.

Veil Guy

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Escort Max Ci and Escort Max Ci 360 Radar Detectors Take Extreme to the Next Level

Escort Max Ci and Escort Max Ci 360 Radar Detectors Take Extreme to Next Level

Escort to release two new custom-installed remote-mounted radar detectors to update the aging Escort Passport 9500ci.

Escort Max Ci & Escort Max Ci 360 Radar Detectors
Escort Max Ci & Escort Max Ci 360 Customer Installed Radar Detector

Key features of the new Escort Max Ci & Escort Max Ci 360 Radar Detectors:

  • Updated Platform
  • All-Digital Back-end Processing
  • More Advanced IVT Filtering
  • Stealth Undetectable Design
  • Front & Rear Facing Antennas
  • Front & Rear Laser Jamming
  • Improved Laser Jamming
  • Built-In GPS
  • Built-In Bluetooth
  • New Four Color OLED Graphic Display
  • More Steamlined Install Modules & Connectivity
  • Easier & More Flexible Install
  • Easily Updated
  • Available in Front-Only (Escort Max Ci) and Front/Rear (Escort Max Ci 360) Configurations

To learn more visit: Escort Max Ci 360 and Escort Max Ci Review/Preview